Learning and playing music is a wonderful experience.

It isn't important when you start your journey, you'll have fun all along the way. I was lucky, as no school class or obligatory theory lesson could take away my joy of playing the guitar. At the conservatory I was fortunate enough to learn from Gábor Juhász. Gábor's eternal patience and musicality has helped me in my discovery of the magical world of music. I try to help and inspire my students in the same spirit.
The guitar is a tool to express emotions and thoughts without words. Besides technical skills on the instrument, understanding music theory makes the musical experience full and gives one the ability not only to hear and play music, but also understand it.
I would like to help you in your discovery of the magical world of music.



You may be wondering…

Am I talented?
If you have the urge to learn to play, do not hesitate. Music is human nature. Everybody can learn and enjoy it. For some it comes a bit easier, but don’t worry, you will have fun learning it.

Am I too old to start?
Our brain is incredibly adaptive. It doesn't matter how old you are, what counts is determination. Young or old, you'll still have fun learning an instrument.

How old should children start?
Even preschool kids can start to learn music. Around age 5 they can start to practice an instrument on a regular basis. Of course at this age the focus is on playful development of basic musical skills.

What instrument should I buy?
That depends on many variables. How much money you want to spend, what musical genre you want to play, physical size and playing comfort of the instrument, quality of the tone woods, resale value etc. The general rule of thumb is to avoid the cheapest models, as a poorly made instrument can hinder your progress and ruin your fun in learning.